Runbo E81 IP67 Waterproof UHF VHF DMR POC Rugged Smartphone

Runbo E81 – 4 Inch IP67 Waterproof UHF/VHF DMR POC Rugged Smartphone (2019) New generation of this reliable, multifunctional Rugged smart phone / walkie-talkie, will be ideally suited for EMS, Security, construction workers, oil & gas industry, truckers and other Industries, including leisure and outdoor activities. will be good everywhere where a combination of high-quality 4W […]

How about Motorola SL 7000 series radios?

The Motorola SL 7000 series is a line of slim and lightweight digital handheld radios designed for professional use in a variety of industries, including hospitality, education, and retail. These radios offer advanced features and capabilities, including clear audio quality, extended battery life, and enhanced coverage. Here are some of the models and specifications of […]

Talking distance of walkie-talkie

The talk distance of the walkie-talkie in a flat, open and barrier-free environment can be up to 6 kilometers, but the transmission of radio waves will be affected by obstacles (such as buildings and trees); similarly, some external factors often weaken the signal of the call. The scope also changes accordingly. When there is network […]

Learn about the types of eight walkie-talkies

The walkie-talkie and the mobile phone are a kind of wireless communication tool, but compared with the mobile phone, the walkie-talkie can not only communicate one-to-one, but also one-to-many, and there is no need for a call during the call. In the past, walkie-talkies were mostly used in public utilities, military, medical and other public […]

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