Dual Two-way Radio Baojie 50Watt Dual Band Linear Power Amplifier BJ-UV50W


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Baojie BJ-UV50W Power Amplifier VHF 136-174MHz UHF 400-470MHz Duplex Dual Band Linear Amplifier

Baojie 50Watt Dual Band Linear Power Amplifier BJ-UV50W For Dual Two-way Radio Amateur HAM Radio Transceiver



  • Turn on/off Switch
  • Electrode reversal protect
  • Auto receive/transmit switch


  1. Frequency:136-174/400-470MHz
  2. Frequency space:10MHz (Any 10 MHz frequency space or frequency point selectable such as 134-144MHz, 440-450MHz)
  3. Supply:12-14V
  4. Input energy/power:12A
  5. Input power:0.5-8W
  6. Input power SSB:5-15
  7. Output Power:50W
  8. Output power SSB:100W
  9. Mode:FM-SSB-CW
  10. Fuse:10A
  11. Size:170x190x62mm
  12. Weight:1.5kg

Dual-stage duplex amplifier features are as follows:
■ Frequency range: 136-174/ 400-470mhz

■ Frequency interval: 10MHz

■ Working voltage: 12-14V

■ Input current: 6-8A

■ Power input: 3-5W

■ Output power: VHF 50W/UHF 40W

■ Working mode: FM

■ Fuse: 10A

■ Size: 170x190x62mm

■ Weight: 1.5kg

1. To achieve better performance, we make this item with narrow band 10Mhz,for example, 440-450Mhz,450-460Mhz,470- 480Mhz etc, any 10mhz spacing within 400- 480Mhz is OK. So when you place an order, please tell me what frequency do you want
2. This Item can provide 50W Max Output within 10 MHz
3. Other frequency range within 400-480 MHz has lower output power than these 10 MHz spacing

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 100 mm


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