ICOM Handheld Microphone Speaker for 2 Pin for Yaesu Vertex Two Way Radio IC-F10 IC-F22 IC-F3

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Handheld Microphone Speaker for 2 Pin for ICOM Radio Yaesu Vertex two way Radio IC-F10/F11/F12/F20/21 IC-F22 IC-F3 IC-F33GS

  • Talk and listen without ever holding your radio.
  • Push-to-talk button and microphone are located on the accessory for quick and easy use. Great for noisy AND quiet areas because speaker is located right near user’s ear.
  • Radio can be placed anywhere with Microphone/Speaker conveniently located – wear it on your collar to keep the volume near your ea

Product Description


Compatible Ic0m 2-pin Models: 
IC-02A, IC-02E, IC-03A, IC-04A, IC-04E, IC-12A
IC-2100, IC-2200, IC-2720, IC-2GAT, IC-2GXAT
IC-32A, IC-32AT, IC-32E, IC-3FGX, IC-3FX, IC-3SAT 
IC-40, IC-4008A, IC-4088A, IC-4GA, IC-4GE, IC-4GXA 
IC-A1, IC-A2, IC-A4, IC-A5, IC-A6, IC-A110
IC-E90, IC-E91, IC-E92D
IC-F10, IC-F11, IC-F12, IC-F15
IC-F20, IC-F21, IC-F22 N/W
IC-F24, IC-F25, IC-F31, IC-F3, IC-F3011, IC-F4TR, IC-F4G, 
IC-F4, IC44, IC-F43, IC-F4S 
IC-H2, IC-H6, IC-H12, IC-H16, IC-M10E, IC-M11, IC-M8, IC-M9 
IC-Q7A, IC-R2, IC-R5, IC-S21A, IC-S41A 
IC-T2H, IC-T7A, IC-T7H, IC-T22A, IC-T22E, IC-T42A, IC-T81A, IC-T8A, IC-T90, IC-T90A
IC-U12, IC-U16, IC-U2, IC-U68, IC-V8, IC-V68, IC-V82, IC-F3002, IC-F4TR

Compatible C0bra 2-pin Models: 
MT Series: MT500, MT700, MT725, MT900, MT950 
FRS Series: FRS90, FRS100, FRS105, FRS120, FRS130, FRS220, FRS225, FRS250, FRS300, FRS307
PR Series: PR330, PR500, PR880, PR900, PR1000, PR2000 
HH Series: HH37ST, HH45WX

Compatible MAX0N 2-pin Models:
SL25, SL55, SL70, SP100, SP120, SP130, SP140, SP200, SP300, SP210, PL51, PL1145, PL2245, PL2445, PL5151, PL5164, 500 series, 5000 series

Compatible RITR0N 2-pin Models:
JMX-141, JMX-146, JMX-144, JMX-441, JMX-446, JMX-444, JMX-102, JMX-152, SST-144, SST-446, SST-444, RTX-050, RTX-150, RTX-450

Compatible Yaesu/Vertex 2-pin Models: 
VX200, VX500, VX510, VX520UD 
FT-10, FT11, FT23, FT26, FT33, FT-40, FT41, FT50, FT51, FT73, FT76 
FT207, FT208, FT411, FT415, FT416, FT470, FT530, FT708, FT811, FT911 
FT2008, FT2009, FT7009

Package Includes:

1 x Speaker MIC for YEASU radio




Q-A Questions:
1. Questions : is your store a re-seller or a factory?
1. Answer : we are a factory for 10years especially for walkie talike accessories like earpiece, cable microphone etc.
2. Questions : is this product new or used?
2. Answers: our products are new and never used.
3. Questions : How long can I get it?
3. Answers : normally we will ship it by aliexpress official standard shipping and it takes about 25-45days to arrive, international shipping could not control well, but this shipping method is the fastest and more safety.

Thank you so much for your shopping with us, hope you and your family all are best, and your business is make good performance~~~



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