Top Quality 2020 Launch GPS Bluetooth Dual Band Two Way Radio HG-UV98 UHF VHF APRS Positioning Track Walkie talkie

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HG-UV98 Dual-Band UHF VHF APRS Walkie talkie Positioning Track GPS Bluetooth Two Way Radio


Turn on the dynamic navigation function, each time you receive the beacon of the rescuer, it will refresh the distance and orientation of the rescuer.
When the search and rescue team is on the move, it will refresh the distance and position of the rescuer in real time.

Trekking, search and rescue, patrol, expedition, event support, helicopter aerial flight measurement and control. .

Mountains, deserts, oceans, lakes, and air. . .

UV98 professional APRS dual-segment positioning handbench, using standard APRS digital coding, can directly work independently without third-party network and third-party software support, directly send and receive positioning data through radio U/V signals, widely used in outdoor sports, events Security, rescue and other occasions.


Support U/V dual segment, A segment to send and receive positioning data, B segment voice call.

5W, full hand frequency, fast frequency adjustment

Support battery USB direct charging

Built-in temperature, air pressure, voltage and other auxiliary sensors

Support user independent firmware upgrade

APRS channel

APRS channel, voice channel arbitrarily set, A/B channel APRS, A/B channel voice

Support CH A to receive CH A transmission, CH A to receive CH B transmission (differential rotation), CH A to receive, A to send + B to send

Support CH B to receive CH B, CH B to receive CH A (differential), CH B to receive, A to send + B

Support off-network use, no network, direct mutual positioning


1.8-inch color display, Chinese and English menu

Support advanced GPS interface, beacon list interface, real-time beacon interface, beacon record analysis interface

APRS Track

Support fixed station FIXED, sports SPORT, 2 site modes

Support complete TRACK tracker, support intelligent, timing, PTT linkage, queue beacon

Support beacon additional information, mileage, satellite number, voltage, temperature, air pressure, etc.

Support mileage calculation, support accumulated mileage or automatically clear 0

Support for automatic icons (TRACK smart mode)


Built-in latest 2.0+4.0 dual-mode Bluetooth, compatible with Android, Apple

Support Bluetooth output KISS hex, UI, GPWPL, KISS ASC, GS232B and other protocols

Support Bluetooth output GPS data (GPRMC+GPGGA), support mixed output

Support Bluetooth KISS data bidirectional transparent transmission

Support streaming cloud, APRSdroid, LOCUS, Ovi and other APP

Support wireless Bluetooth setting parameters

APRS relay

Support full DIGI relay function, support custom relay name

Support relay channel A\B arbitrary forwarding

Support relay remote turn-off function


Built-in high-performance GPS\Beidou\GLONASS multi-mode hybrid positioning engine

APRS algorithm

Built-in advanced CMX hardware programming algorithm

Built-in 8-level digital level adjuster (both transmitting and receiving)

data analysis

Built-in large-capacity data storage, 100 beacon storage, viewing, intelligent sorting

Built-in advanced algorithm to support rich data analysis

Support heading, north position, relative motion position calculation

Support Maidenhead grid positioning system

Supports trigonometric calculations such as APRS distance, horizontal angle, and elevation angle

Support automatic tracking control of G5500 aircraft, ships, etc.


Remote control peripheral module sensor input and relay telemetry control module


Companion PC setup software (Chinese, English) (requires .NET 4.0)

Professional APRS dual stage console!

The handset itself has dual-mode Bluetooth built-in. The optional external Bluetooth can be plugged into the PC and can be used with the handset’s built-in Bluetooth, wireless connection, wireless settings or PC communication.

Updated 20190212C firmware version, support dynamic navigation

When the dynamic navigation function is enabled, each time a beacon for help is received, the distance and direction to the helper will be refreshed once.

, When the search and rescue team is marching, it will refresh the distance and position with the person asking for help in real time

Hiking, search and rescue, patrol, adventure, event support, helicopter aerial flight measurement and control. .

Mountain, desert, ocean, lake, aerial. . .

common problem:

Q: How far is this handstand?

Answer: Urban environment 1-3KM, open area lake 1-8KM, standing on the space station, the whole of China

Q: Can it communicate with other brands of hand or car platforms?

Answer: 1. As long as the frequency is the same, the voice can communicate in a certain range.

2.The positioning should be the same with APRS function.

Q: Is it waterproof?

Answer: It is simple and waterproof, and can not be thrown into the water.

Q: Are there any advanced waterproof machines?

Answer: Yes, prepare a purse, import YAESU 2DR and the like

Q: How much power?

Answer: 5W

Q: Which mobile APPs are supported by the UV98 handset?

Answer: Android Liuyun, Aowei, LOCUS MAP, APRSdroid, etc.

Apple, no software support, Apple Ovie can try

Package Included:

– 1 x Walkie Talkie

– 1 x High-Gain Antenna

– 1 x AD Adapter

– 1 x Belt Clip

– 1 x User Manual

APRS science knowledge

APRS is the abbreviation of “Automatic Packet Reporting System”, which is an “automatic location reporting system”, which is an application of amateur radio enthusiasts to transmit real-time location information, weather information, telemetry information and short messages through amateur radio stations. Most of the enthusiasts use the real-time location reporting function of APRS, and use APRS amateur radio terminal, professional GPS, APRS Internet gateway, APRS mobile terminal, APRS Internet webpage and other devices and platforms to transmit and share APRS stations. , browsing, etc., to achieve the purpose of the final application. This can be applied to outdoor activities, fleet travel, party navigation and other aspects, and combined with APRS short messages and other functions to expand applications.

The main function

HG-UV98 transceiver performance is U/V dual-band dual display dual-received handheld radio, transmit power 5W, full hand-frequency, channel using APRS channel, voice channel arbitrarily set, A/B channel APRS, A/B channel voice At the same time, support for the difference function.

HG-UV98 has a 1.8-inch color LCD display, the LCD screen has two display modes, day and night, corresponding to white background and black background. The display interface uses Chinese and English menus, supports advanced GPS interface, beacon list interface, real-time beacon interface, and beacon record analysis interface. 2500mAH@7.2V battery, support USB direct charging, battery voltage report, intelligent power saving mode, provide ample power supply for GPS.

HG-UV98 supports a variety of satellite systems, GPS / Beidou / GLONASS / automatic identification; support for complete GPS information display; support set call sign, ID, icon, beacon additional annotation information and other APRS parameter settings; support mileage calculation, support for accumulated mileage Or automatically clear 0 mileage; support fixed station FIXED, sports SPORT two site modes; support full Track tracker, support intelligent, timing, PTT linkage, queue beacon; support automatic icon (Track smart mode); support GPS province Electrical mode (Track PTT linkage mode, Track timing mode); supports APRS relay function.

The GPS interface displays time, speed, altitude, longitude, latitude, heading, date, Maidenhead grid, auxiliary sensor information, battery voltage, temperature, air pressure, effective satellite number, and more.

HG-UV98 built-in advanced algorithm, support rich data analysis function, support heading, north position, relative motion orientation calculation; support Maidenhead grid positioning system; support APRS distance, horizontal angle, elevation angle and other trigonometric function calculation; support Automatic tracking control software for G5500 aircraft, ships, etc.

In outdoor activities, if the team uses HG-UV98, voice communication and location sharing can be achieved among members.

This device can be used directly to build a convenient and practical outdoor communication device with voice communication and location sharing functions. The communication is convenient and very interesting.

HG-UV98 has built-in 2.0+4.0 dual-mode Bluetooth and is compatible with both Android and Apple phones. Machine Bluetooth supports KISS HEX, UI, GPWPL, KISSASC, GS232 and other protocols; supports Bluetooth KISS data bidirectional transparent transmission; supports Bluetooth output GPWPL waypoint data, UI text data, GPS positioning data (GPRMCGPGGA); supports Bluetooth connection flow cloud, APRSDROID , LOCUS, Ovi and other APP.

More detailed Bluetooth connection method please refer to the tutorial: Lianchang HG-V98 Bluetooth connection several commonly used Aprs APP method

HG-UV98 menu setting changes the tedious design of Yaesu in the past, uses Chinese and English menu language, Chinese and English voice operation tips, Chinese and English channel name editing and display, intuitive and convenient, at a glance, especially suitable for enthusiasts, you don’t even need to check the manual Can operate and use this machine.

Appearance and design

After getting the HG-UV98, I made some comparisons with the Yaesu FT1D. The appearance and feel are not lost to the machines of Yaesu. The performance is not inferior to the FT1D.

The top design of the HG-UV98 is very rich. In addition to the volume knob and frequency/channel step knob and antenna holder with switch function, it also has independent receiving and transmitting indicator lights and flashlight function. The volume knob and the frequency/channel step knob are easy to handle and the feel is very good. The brightness of the illumination LED is relatively high, and the effect for emergency lighting in the evening is not worse than that of the mobile phone.

The PGT area of HG-UV98 is relatively large, the stroke is long, the hand feels comfortable, and the strength is moderate. The three buttons on the right side of the fuselage are: 1.PTT, 2. Channel AB selection, 3.APRS one-button transmission beacon, you can also customize the button, the function can be selected in the writing frequency software. The left side of the fuselage is relatively simple, and only has a headset set and a write frequency upgrade interface.

APRS track query method

HG-UV98 uses the standard APRS code. When there is an APRS gateway nearby, when the local beacon is received, the local track and other information will be displayed on the APRS map.

There are currently several commonly used APRS trajectory browsing methods:

BG6CQ server: Automatic positioning, data viewing is convenient, fast and convenient, a variety of quick pointing, recommended.

BA7CK APRS data server is fast and convenient, supports track playback, direct view, and recommendation.

Digital trunking, gateway knowledge

APRS digital relay: A data relay device that is used to expand the APRS data transmission range and is specially set up at a high place. It is generally composed of a radio station, an antenna, a power source, and a terminal node controller (Terminal Node Controller) having a function of forwarding data. ‘TNC’) composition. The digital relay works by receiving decoding, temporary storage, and data judgment after receiving the APRS data in the radio wave, and identifying whether the data is required to be forwarded. If the data is not required to be forwarded, the data will be discarded; The data request is forwarded, and the digital relay will send the received data after the radio channel is idle, and the digital relay’s own station call sign is added to the data for identification.

APRS Gateway: Users can send data to the APRS Internet Service Network, and can selectively receive real-time data in the APRS Internet Service Network by setting some filtering rules. Therefore, the user can implement APRS communication through various terminal devices that can connect to the Internet through a mobile phone, a tablet computer, and display the received station information in the APRS software.

General settings

Most of the functions of this unit APRS can be operated by handheld keyboard menu. At the same time, the supporting software and intuitive interface provide more abundant options. It is recommended to set the native APRS function through the supporting software.

Use the standard data cable to connect the companion APRS software to set up the unit:

1 CALL: Set the local call sign, default call sign NOCALL, numeric or English uppercase, up to 6 digits

2 SSID: Default 7, the parameter value range is 0-15.

3 site type:

SPORTS: Set this machine as a mobile station, use GPS real-time data to send various types of beacons. Use GPS real-time latitude and longitude data, calculate the relative distance from the other party, the north position, the relative direction, and so on.

FIXED: Set this machine to be a fixed site, and send various types of beacons using the fixed station latitude and longitude. Use the fixed station latitude and longitude to calculate the relative distance to the other party, the north position, the relative direction, and so on.

4GPS switch: ON/OFF, if used at a fixed location, you can choose OFF to save energy.

1 Intelligent mode: When the GPS is positioned, the beacon is automatically transmitted according to the heading and speed.

2 Manual mode: When the GPS is positioned, each time the PTT button of the hand is pressed, when it is released, it automatically follows the beacon.

3 Timing mode: When the GPS is positioned, the beacon is automatically transmitted according to the set time.

4 Queue mode: Launch according to the set time and time in 1 minute.

5GPS power saving function: When manually pressed, or when the time arrives, the GPS will be automatically turned on, the GPS will start hot, locate within a few seconds, then launch, and turn off the GPS again. Note: Only manual mode or timing mode is active.

6PATH1, PATH2: Requires the number of relay forwarding and forwarding names of WIDE1 or WIDE2. The default setting is: WIDE1-1, WIDE2-0, which means that the relay named WIDE1 is forwarded once, and WIDE2 forwarding is not required.

7MIC-E: The beacon data is compressed and transmitted, which effectively shortens the transmission time, reduces the probability of data being interfered by other signals in the air, and improves the decoding success rate of the receiver.

8PTT delay: Before the signal is transmitted, the PTT trigger delay. When the other party’s SQL response is slow, the PTT delay parameter can be increased.

9 icon 1:

! indicates the data type character, fixed length 1 word, generally do not need to be changed. For modifications, refer to the APRS protocol manual.

/ Indicates the icon set, generally do not need to be changed. For modifications, refer to the APRS protocol manual.

> Indicates the icon style displayed on the server map, fixed length 1 word, refer to the ‘APRS Icon Set’ to change.

10 automatic icon 2:

Three parameters: wait time, 2nd icon set, and 2nd icon.

180: waiting time, in seconds

/: indicates the second icon set

P: indicates the second icon

In the smart mode, when the rest time reaches the set waiting time, the second icon is automatically converted.

11 Custom information: English up to 60 words, Chinese up to 20 words.

12 beacon options:

Mileage: The mobile station beacon contains the automatically calculated mileage.

Satellite: The mobile station beacon contains the number of valid satellites.

Air pressure: The auxiliary air pressure sensor data is included in the mobile station and fixed station beacon.

Voltage: The battery voltage sensor data is included in the mobile station and fixed station beacons.

Temperature: The auxiliary station’s beacon contains the auxiliary temperature sensor data.

For more supporting software settings, please refer to the supplied instruction manual.

Firmware upgrade

The machine does not provide firmware updates from time to time. You only need to go to the official website to download the firmware update package. The data cable is connected to the PC and the walkie-talkie headset. Open the APRS firmware and click Upgrade.

APRS application in outdoor activities

In recent years, the APRS system has been widely used in amateur radio enthusiasts and has shown unique advantages in applications such as outdoor emergency rescue.

In outdoor activities such as outdoor adventures and outdoor emergency rescues, organizers and commanders need to keep track of the specific location of personnel and vehicles. This not only ensures the safety of personnel, but also informs appropriate personnel and vehicles in real time when necessary. The right task to improve the overall efficiency of action. In this process, the location tracking function of the APRS system is indispensable.

Taking outdoor emergency rescue as an example, you can easily understand the importance of the APRS system and its operation mode: it is especially important to grasp the real-time position of teammates in areas such as mountainous areas where there is no communication network coverage and complex terrain. However, at this time, the players cannot use the mobile phone software to transmit coordinate information, and it is difficult to accurately describe the location of the location using the radio voice communication device. At this time, if the device is frequently used for voice communication, on the one hand, the workload will be increased. On the other hand, occupying the communication frequency for a long time will also affect the reporting situation of other teams. In addition, frequent calls can deplete the valuable power of the handstand too much.

The best choice at this time is to use the APRS system to control the position of the players. When the APRS amateur station used by each emergency rescue team has the same data input/output interface as the GPS device and has the same transmission communication protocol, the APRS amateur station and the GPS device seem to have no associated devices. data transmission. Only through the appropriate matching link, the APRS station can input the received other team coordinate information into the GPS device as a waypoint output, and display and navigate on its screen.

Amateur radio also reports its real-time data to the command by radio waves. The data includes the latitude and longitude of the team’s real-time location, altitude, team movement speed, direction, and unique call sign representing the owner’s identity. The data is decoded. Displayed on the computer screen of the command. If the command can connect to the Internet, you can also forward the received data stream to the Internet, and you can also observe the entire group’s movement track in real time through the computer.

Q: How many hours can a single battery work in the wild?

Answer: Interval firing, 5-8 hours, depending on the intensity of trial use

Q: What is the purpose of the optional Bluetooth?

Answer: It is not necessary to plug it into the computer. It is used to wirelessly set the parameters of the UV98 console through the computer or to communicate with the computer map software.

UV98 professional APRS dual-segment positioning handstand, using standard APRS digital coding, can work independently without third-party network and third-party software support, directly send and receive positioning data to and from each other through radio U / V signals, and is widely used in outdoor sports and events Security, rescue and other occasions.

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 100 mm


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