NISSEI DG-503 Short Wave Meter 1.8-525Mhz SWR Digital Power Meter


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Origianl NISSEI DG-503 1.8-525Mhz Short Wave UV Standing Wave Meter Power Meter SWR Digital Power Meter

DG-503 is a highly accurate” DIGITAL RF POWER METER“.
1. 3.5 inch LCD digital display
2. LCD backlight is convenient for users to read
3. at the same time show [forward wave] [reflected wave] [in Bobbi]
4. HF/VHF, UHF switching key
5. equipped with 13.8V DC power line
Frequency range: 1.6-60MHz/125-525MHz
Frequency correction point: 14 MHz/ 50MHz/ 145MHz/ 435 MHz
Use function: 0-200W
Test function: forward / reflective power / Bobbi
Precision: (+/-5%)
SWR minimum test power: 1W
Loss: <0.1dB
Impedance: 50 Omega
Connector: SO239 (N-female option)
Weight: 750g
Size (m/m): 140x84x122 (millimeter)
Accessories: use instructions, DC power line





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