Nissei RS-40 Walkie Talkie SWR Power Meter for Two-Way Radio


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Nissei RS-40 SWR Power Meter 140-150MHz 430-450MHz 200W for Ham Two-Way Radio Walkie Talkie

NISSEI RS-40 SWR/POWER meters are of the highest quality. Measurement accuracy is between +/- 5 to 10% depending on model. Insertion loss is typically less than 0.3 dB or lower. 

Model: RS-40

Frequency Range: 140-150MHz,430-450MHz
Measurable Power Range: 0-200W
Power Scale: 15W,60W,200W
Maximum Power: 200W
Accuracy-10W Range: (AVG) +/- 10%
Accuracy -100/1000W Range: (AVG) +/- 5%
Min.Power(Fwd) Measured:1W
Input/Output Connector: MJ-MJ (BNC,N Optional)
Insertion Loss: 0.3dB or Lower
Testing Function: Forward,SWR
Input/Output Impedance: 50 OHM
Dimension(W/H/D)mm: 70*78*30
Weight(Net): 180g

This SWR/Watt meter is a campact size for measuring Forward Power, and VSWR.

RS-40 SWR & Power Meter can read out directly without any calibration.Low insertion loss structure allows it to be connected permanently.



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