Nissei RS-502 Shortwave VHF/UHF Standing Wave Meter Power Meter

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NISSEI RS-502 1.8-525Mhz short wave UV standing wave meter power meter SWR form RS502

Nissei RS-502 shortwave, VHF/UHF standing wave meter power meter

Since the establishment of Nissei in 1967, Nissei has put forward a lot of efforts to develop, manufacture and sell various high-frequency and UHF consumer electronic products. The company is now a supplier of a wide range of surface head and gauge products. The production line includes consumer electronic meters, wireless communication products and professional audio products.

This standing wave ratio and power meter is a highly accurate radio frequency power meter measurement table


1. Nissei RS-502 standing wave ratio and power meter can be read directly without any calibration.

2. The maximum measurable power range of RS-502 is up to 200 watts.

3. The low insertion loss (0.3dB or lower) structure allows it to be permanently connected.


Nissei RS-502 is a highly accurate RF power meter.
Frequency range: 1.8~525MHz
Measurable power range: 1~200W
Power range: 5/20/200W
Error: 5W- (AVG) +/-10% (REP) +/-15%
20W-3KW- (AVG) +/-5% (REP) +/-10%
SWR minimum input power: 3W
Impedance: 50 Omega
Insertion loss: <0.1db
Test functional items: FWD/REF POWER, REP, SWR
Appendix: Operation Manual, 13.8 DC Wire
Size: 190X 85H X 135Dmm.
Weight: about 950g
Interface type: M or N type
Connector: SO-239 M

Packing List:

  • 1× NISSEI RS-502
  • 1× User’s Manual
Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 400 × 300 × 100 mm


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