Outdoor Walkie Talkie Power Bank Solar Energy Camp Picnic Hiking Power Talkie


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Multifunctional Outdoor Equipment with Walkie Talkie Powerbank Solar Energy for Camp Picnic Hiking Power Talkie

Crony CY-919 Rechargeable Two-way Radios, Wireless Portable Business Walkie Talkies With solar charging, flashlight, compass


1,unique power talkie multi-outdoor walkie talkie with high-capacity power-bank.

2,power talkie long range communication walkie talkie and fast charge wireless charger power-bank and light;

3,unique power talkie with solar energy power bank and torch light and alarm light and compass;

4,power talkie long range communication two way radio and fast charge wireless charger power-bank with light and compass;

5,unique multi outdoor two way radio with solar enerty power bank and torch light alarm light and compass

Multi- Outdoor Walkie talkie
Original information

Walkie-talkie parameters

Frequency Range: 400-470MHz/136-174MHz
Operation Voltage: DC 3.6V
Output Power: ≤5W
Reference sensitivity: -122dBm(12dB SINAD)

Power Bank parameter
Battery capacity: 15000mAh
Rated energy: 55.5Wh/3.7V
Solar power: 1W
Input: DC 5V/2.1A
Output: DC 5V/2.1A
Wireless charging: DC 5V/1A

Low Price Best Military Grade China Waterproof Solar Powered Walkie Talkie



Fequency Range


Rated Voltage

DC3.6V(Rechargeable Li-ion battery)

Memory Channel


Antenna Impedance


Working Manner

Same frequency single operation or different frequency single operation


163x75x23mm(without antenna)


Output Power


Modulation Mode (wide/narrow band width)

16K Φ F3E, 11K Φ F3E

Maximum Frequency Deviation(wide/narrow band width)

<5K/2. 5KHZ

Remanent Radiation


Pre-emphasis Character

Per fold frequency patch 6dB

Emission Current


CTCSS/DCS(wide/narrow band width)

0.75KHz 50Hz, 0.37KHZ 30HZ

Modulation Sensitivity


Modulation Distortion




-122dBm(12dB SINAD)

Modulation Receiver Bandwidth


Audio Power


Audio Distortion





≥60dB ≥55dB

Adjacent Channel Selectivity

≥65dB ≥60dB

Spurious Rejection


Specifications are subject to change for improvements without notice.

Using note items

This is an excellent design and advanced technology radio.

Below advises will better help you to following the duties of in.terms of repair , will better know the safety of using radio.

1 . Please keep the radio and accessories in where is the children can not touch them;

2 . Please do not disassembly radio , it will cause radiobroken when non professional staff handle it;

3 . Please use the standard battery and charger , avoid to damage the radio;

4 . Do not keeping the radio under the sunshine with long time , or keeping it into the superheat place;

5 . Do not keep the radio into where is full with the dusta nd damp;

6 . Do not use Strong chemical products , cleaning agents or strong Lotion to cleaning the radio;

7 . If it find that radio have the peculiar smell or smoke, please turn off the supply power of radio promptly, and contact with supplier about this case;

8 . Do not put the power radio into fire.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 150 × 60 × 80 mm


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