Walkie Talkie Repeater RX TX Box Indicat for Baofeng TYT Wouxun Kirisun HYT Relay Box Two Way Radio


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DIY Repeater RX/TX Box TX and Rx Indicat for BAOFENG TYT WOUXUN KIRISUN HYT Relay Box Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie

This simple relay box is used for DIY relay receiver / transmitter,use it to connect two handheld walkie-talkies, one for signal reception and one for signal transmission, so as to establish a temporary relay station and expand the communication range. K Port For Kenwood and most brand radios with the same connector.

The scope of application:

1. The link between the relay station and relay station
2. Relay station signal coverage area of signal extension
3. The field construction of cable erection
4. Underground mine
5. Cave construction
6. Culvert emergency rescue
7. V-U cross section relay
8. Small basement and ground walkie talkie signal connection
9. Large activities and other occasions emergency use!


Two Handheld Two Way Radios connect with repeater through earphone plug, as show in picture:

The matters needing attention:

1. The relay box for audio trigger mode, so when you use the walkie talkie volume to yourmaximum, otherwise may appear not to send state.
2. Such as transmission delay time is too long (more than 3 seconds), conventional because walkie talkie transmit antenna near the trunk box too close to cause the transmitted signal interference caused by relay box! Can be used to solve the problem of interference of external interphone antenna!
3. Two walkie talkie antenna between the two of them try to distance! At least not less than 5 metres! (two walkie talkie antenna avoid parallel erection!)

Package included:

1x Walkie Talkie Repeater Box for Baofeng Kenwood (Includes K-type cable)

Other walkie-talkie accessories:

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