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XIEGU G106C G106 HF Portable Transceiver SDR 5W SSB/CW/AM Three Modes WFM Broadcast Reception

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Original XIEGU G106C HF Portable Transceiver SDR 5W SSB/CW/AM Three Modes WFM Broadcast Reception

G106 is a 5W portable QRP model with SDR circuit structure which uses 16bit-CODEC sampling and can

deliver superior performance. The whole machine has SSB/CW/AM three modes and extra WFM (88~108MHz)

receiving function, allowing you to listen to local FM broadcasts while communicating. Equipped with a CW digital

filter with three bandwidths, it can help you connect to more and farther radio stations. With the external DE-19

digital adapter (optional), it can be easily connected to the computer and complete FT8 communication.

As an entry-level portable SDR transceiver, G106 will be a good helper for you to play CW and FT8.

Basic features:

 High-performance SDR core circuit

 Compact and robust structure

Transmission and receiving of all amateur frequency bands within 3.8~29.7MHz

WFM broadcast receiving

 Shortwave full-range continuous receiving

 Amateur data communication available

 Computer online control available


Receiving frequency: 0.55~30MHz

Transmitting frequency:






Operating mode: SSB/CW/AM

                            WFM (receive only)

Receiving sensitivity: CW: 0.25uV @10dB S/N

                                    SSB: 0.5uV @10dB S/N

                                    AM: 10uV @10dB S/N

Frequency stability: ±1.5ppm within 30min after power on

                                  @25°C: 1ppm/hour

Transmitting power: ≥5W @13.8V DC

Transmitting spurious suppression: ≥50dB

Audio output power: 0.3W

Operating voltage:
9~15V DC

Standby current:
0.37A @Max

Transmitting current:
2.8A @Max

120*40*135 (mm)

About 720g (only host)

○ All specifications are typical and apply to
amateur bands only. Due to technical
improvements, the above specifications are
subject to change without notice.

○ The operating frequency range of transceivers
sold in different countries or regions will be set
according to local regulations. Ask local dealer
for details.

Connection of External Power Supply

EMC ferrite bead can be applied on power lines to prevent external disturbance from entering radio via power lines and radio-

frequency interference in radio from radiating externally via power lines when external power supply is adopted for G106. Ferrite bead

shall be installed at the side closing to power plug to greatest extent.

Polarity of power lines shall be carefully inspected to avoid reverse polarity connection when external

power supply is adopted.

The limited warranty of the radio does not cover damage caused by an error in external power

connection or damage caused by an abnormal power voltage.

Packing list

G106 host 1 set

Standard hand microphone 1 no.

Power line 1 pc.

Warranty card 1 copy

Manual 1 copy

Certificate of conformity 1 copy




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